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The remains of a semi-ruined traditional stone barn standing next to our cottage was one of the features that attracted us to purchase our property in the Peak District National Park, although when we first moved in, arranging a rebuild was not a priority.

However, once a storm caused the collapse of the remaining roof section, we knew we needed to move swiftly before the barn remains were classified as "derelict". We were also aware that obtaining permission for the rebuild to take place would require detailed plans and expert execution of the project, for which we neither had the expertise nor the time to spend researching.

We were fortunate to secure the services of Mr. Marshall. He was able to put us in touch with an experienced architect, who drew up plans and negotiated with the appropriate authorities. Instead of the year or so we expected the planning process to take, we actually received permission for the rebuild to go ahead in under six months.

Mr. Marshall moved his team in that summer, and in an incredibly short time the site had been cleared and was ready for the rebuild to commence. Two of the walls from the original structure were left standing and the new material was skilfully tied in with the old. Despite having to comply with six pages of detailed requirements from the Peak Park Planning Authority, the rebuild progressed smoothly throughout the summer.

As the year turned to autumn, the weather also deteriorated, but the work continued through rain and snow until the whole of the main section of the barn was completed, barely a year after the initial roof collapse the previous winter.

The next summer Mr. Marshall returned, as planned, to complete a small extension section on the building and again the work was carried out on schedule and with skill.
We now have a beautiful and useful workshop and garage, which we fully expect to stand for as long as the cottage itself - which has been recorded as over 200 years old.

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